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Case Studies

KGC Canada - #1 Korean Red Ginseng Producer

Growth Results

7x ROI

Return on Investment in the first 6 months


Increase in Rankings on Google


Increase in Online Sales


Increase in overall Revenue since switching to growth

Best ROI Channel

“Zero to solid five figures from Internet Marketing in six months. I don’t ever have to think about getting more leads. growth360 handles this for us - they are our Marketing Director, SEO Manager, Search Advertising expert and a trusted growth advisor. All for a fraction of what it would cost to have this team on staff”.


Daniel Sumarokoff,

Citadel Cameras

Solution: Turnkey Internet Marketing System

Citadel has partnered up with marketing agencies in the past, but never achieved the results they were looking for.

Daniel - Founder & CEO at Citadel wanted a turnkey solution, plus a Digital Marketing service that would pay for itself, and fund the future growth in Internet Marketing to scale the business further. 

He wanted to be able to closely monitor quality of Leads he was getting and understand the cost for his business.



  • New Website Design

  • Local SEO

  • Multi-Location SEO

  • Search Ads (added later in the campaign)

Close the Leads


  • Call management

  • Email Automations

Get Leads


  • Conversion Optimization

  • Website Chat

  • Reviews & Reputation



  • Call recordings

  • Live Dashboard

  • Transparent Project Management


About Citadel & the Story

About: Citadel is a fast growing security camera & network cabling installation company with multiple locations around Ontario. Citadel is specialized in quality services for residential and commercial clients. 

The story: Reaching out to growth360 Daniel Sumarokoff (Founder & CEO at Citadel) had all he needed to scale his business - over a decade of experience, industry certificates, and a proven track-record of develivering quality service for his clients.


Daniel has hired a marketing agency in the past, but the service provider has failed to tell the story and get Daniel's business in front of the right people online. 

Despite the assurance that they were going to get rankings in 5-6 months, the phone never rang. That’s when Daniel decided to take things in his own hands and find a reputable Digital Marketing company.

Game-Changing Decission

​When Daniel decided to hire growth360, that was his first major investment in scaling the business.

It was clear that offline advertising and the word of mouth can only get you so far.

“You need to spend money, to make more money… Fortunately, this was a good business decision, and the team at Growth remains our best Return on Investment to this day.”

Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 10.09.37 PM.png

The New Horizons

After relaunching the website, the company was already in 2x ROI. growth360 services started paying for themselves.

The best part, the Internet Marketing strategy was geared towards getting commercial clients - manufacturing facilities, plants, offices.

The biggest deals that came from the internet was $120,000, compared to the previous record of $20,000. In the first six months, the company generated 8x ROI.

To closely monitor the campaign results, call recordings were monitored and qualified, Daniel had access to our Project Management system and a live dashboard and was notified every time he got Leads from Online Marketing.

Initial Revenue from SEO paid for itself and after 6 months allowed Daniel to invest in Search Ads to get even more exposure for his business.


Thank you Daniel for trusting us with your largest investment at the time. We are happy to make your life easier.

Want to grow? We'd love to help. Let's have a fair conversation about your goals & how to get there.

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