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The Internet Marketing System - Book

Learn the Secrets Behind our Systematized Approach to Growing Business Online

Save years of trial and error growing your business that relies on local lead generation. Construction companies, home service businesses, beauty salons, renovation businesses, and more.

This book will show how you can grow your business & overcome obstacles that arise along the way,

Recognized by Industry Leaders

Best Construction Marketing agency award.
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The System so Good, I Wrote a Book About It

Over the years my team and I developed a systematized approach to growing businesses that rely on local lead generation via online marketing.

When a new client comes on board their marketing is about to change.

We build their business online from the ground up:


  • Their brand look to its best

  • They start ranking at the top of Google

  • They know how many quality leads they get

  • We train you to close the Leads 

  • We help them hit - 3-5x Returns, to begin with

  • Our service pays for itself within the first few Sales


We've done this a hundred times. Over time, we developed a system. In this book, I will share what we pay attention to as we build & grow client businesses online.

The Internet Marketing System - Turnkey Approach

Learn​ what to pay attention to as you work on:

  • Website

  • Optimize to Generate Leads

  • Approach to Get Online Leads - slow & steady

  • Google Maps Rankings

  • SEO - Organic Search Ranking

  • Automated Follow-ups

  • Reputation Management

  • Call Management

  • Close More Leads & Improve the Process

  • Checklists we use

  • Answers to common questions...

Save years of time and learn our secret sauce!

Get a FREE Copy of
The Internet Marketing System

The Main Mistake Businesses Make - One Thing is NOT Enough

Most prospects come to us asking "can you do our SEO?", or "can you take care of our ads?".

But if you are looking to grow your business, none of these elements is enough on their own. 

You need all of these and other elements to work together as a system that can generate repeatable Sales every month.

What Industries can the Internet Marketing System Apply to?

The Internet Marketing System can apply to most industries focused on local lead generation.

It seems like there is little in common between a Beauty Salon and a Home Service business. But from the lead generation perspective, they share a lot.


  • Both businesses rely on local lead generation & local keywords

  • Both businesses will showcase authority on their websites in a similar way

  • Both will have to position themselves in under 60 seconds.

  • Both will use similar techniques (e.g. incentives) to maximize the number of Leads

  • In both cases, missed calls can be a problem

  • In both cases, you will need to follow up with some of the leads to close them

For both businesses, the Internet Marketing System will be similar with small tweaks like appointment reminders for Beauty Salons.


We Market Your Business as Our Own

Most of our efforts are focused on managing your website, SEO & Online Ads, but our main objective is to help you maximize Sales, not just get Clicks.

Right now you don't know that:

  • When you rank #1, a lot of people will go to your website, but not all will reach out.

  • That at times, you will have trouble picking up three calls at the same time.

  • Or creating a process for managing 100 Leads/month and not forgetting to follow up.

That's why we market your business as our own, and act as Consultants using our set of tools to overcome obstacles as they arise.

We are responsible for a lot and this makes us accountable.

Coming Up Next... 

In 2022 we spoke a lot about the Internet Marketing System, the bits & pieces of it.

In 2023, we are launching a TV show where we will build and grow a home service business, LIVE.

Introducing Scaling LIVE. More details coming later in 2023. 


Over the course of the year, they pretty much built our online presence from scratch. We went from zero dollars online to a solid five-figure revenue stream every month.

Zero to Solid Five Figures Monthly


Daniel Sumarokoff,

Citadel Cameras

Great Service, Recommend

Big thank you to Sasha and the team! I really appreciated fast turnaround on the project and the quality of work at growth360, the team knows their craft and are very attentive to the details. Great service, recommend!


Sarah Candelario,

Aleo Studio

Your Are in a Good Company

You may have the best-looking website. But it's a little to no use if it can't be found or if it can't generate Leads.

Our websites account for technical performance & Lead Generation.

Design, Conversion Optimization, look & feel come together so your website:

  • Loads fast

  • Effectively tells your story

  • Generates Leads


Skincare & Beauty Salon
Case Study                 Visit Website


SimplyPro Appliance Repair
Appliance Repair Company
Visit Website


Asian Skincare Wholesaler in Canada 
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Loan Away
Online Lending Company
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Home Services: Security Camera & Network Cabling
Case Study                                                     Visit Website


vii Construction
Custom Home Builder
Visit Website


KGC Canada
Ginseng Manufacturer - Donginbi, GoodBase, other brands
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Untitled design (2)-min.jpg

Litvinovich Photography
Wedding Photography Studio
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Boost Shop
Photography Studio
               Visit Website

Want to grow? We'd love to help. Let's have a fair conversation about your goals & how to get there.

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