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SEO is ultimately about generating revenue. If you think so too, we'll get along. However, the path from page five to page one often lies through page three. At growth360 we use data to help you get there faster.


We specialize in Analytics & revenue-driving SEO Services. Data combined with unparalleled fluency in Digital Marketing allows us to consistently find the best next step to generate results online, giving you an unfair advantage over the competition.


Rank higher 

Having a beautiful website is important. However, it means little unless it can be found.


Get visits

Take advantage of the "free" Google traffic. Yes, we can help increase the number of clicks you get on Google. 


Sell more

The ultimate KPI. Get results that stay with you without having to pay for users on a per click basis.

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How it works

  1. Get in Touch - give us a call or submit a web form above to get started.

  2. Discovery Call - We book a 30-minute call with one of our Sr. Strategists to discuss your goals.

  3. Strategy/Proposal - we crunch some numbers and find an optimal way for you to get results online. 

  4. Launch - we go from there getting you better rankings, more traffic and ultimately more sales!


Welcome to growth

Growth360 is a performance marketing agency located in Toronto.


Built on the opportunity to create a transparent, flexible and performance-oriented agency, a partner you can trust.

We specialize in analytics & revenue-driving performance marketing services, including SEO.

It's simple. Clients want to see results. Specialists want to do good work. Growth360 is where we have technology & process to make it happen.



We got SEO down to science. Our data-driven solutions cut through the noise, consistently finding the best next step to get results.

We act on data and measure what we do, there is no guessing here. Based on analysis of your website & market we find the most effective ways to generate revenue growthUncovered opportunities are prioritized based on impact vs effort, so that you can see results sooner.

Data combined with unparalleled fluency in Digital Marketing allows us to laser-focus on the bottom line, finding the right tools to get there.


Bulletproof approach

Organic Search should generate the highest volume of Leads. To do this, it's not enough to be found. The Find, Click and Convert need to work together.

That's why our main retainers include work of the right specialist at the right time. From an Analyst to a Director of Strategy, SEO Consultant and Conversion Rate Optimization specialist.


  • Find - Rank higher and get Visibility on the first page of Google.

  • Click - Yes, we can help increase the number of clicks you get on Google.

  • Convert - We help you optimize your website to increase Leads & Sales from all channels, including SEO.

When working with us, you can focus on results, not the services you buy.




growth values & perks

Is reflected in how we work. Our flexible engagement types allow you to pick what best fits your needs. Our main retainers include work of Analytics, Strategy and CRO Specialists. Let's focus on results, not the services you buy.



Partners you can trust. We build our relationships on transparency and openness. To deliver on this value we provide all our clients with a live, enterprise-grade dashboard so that you can see the results of our work live.

Not all leads are born equal. Tell us what your Sales like. We create metrics that align with your business goals. And use data to cut through the noise, consistently finding the best next step that will keep the needle moving, laser-focused on generating revenue-driving results.




Transparency, data, process. We are constantly amazed by the professionalism of the team at growth360. Initially hired to increase SEO Leads, they completely revamped how our Digital Marketing works! Their strategic thinking and data-first approach has doubled our Leads, across all channels!

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Ready to grow? We'd love to help. Let's have a fair conversation about your goals & how to get there.