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Contractor Marketing Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa

We've Done This Thousand Times

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A proven approach to growing contractor businesses and other companies that rely on local leads. Plumbers, beauty salons, Waterproofers, Security Companies, HVAC, Electricians, Roofers, you name it!

Our systematized approach delivers everything you need to grow as fast as you need to.

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Quality Professional Approach​

Reasons to Choose Growth


360° Approach

All you need to scale in one place


Flat Fee

This way you pay less


No Contracts

We work month-to-month


Proven Growth

Proven to grow locally oriented businesses


One Client per Location

One client per industry and location. Let's beat the competition, not join them



Our work is built on the core value of transparency

Contractor Marketing Book by Sasha Matviienko

Marketing Agency for Home Services & Trades

Contractor Marketing Serving Canada & the US

We specialize in a comprehensive approach to Online Lead Generation for construction companies, home builders and home services companies in Canada & the US.

Oftentimes, it's not enough to do SEO or to simply turn on a construction PPC campaign.

You need to position your project or business properly, get it in front of the right people, but also maximize Leads & Sales.

That's why our approach to digital marketing for construction companies includes everything you need from building a beautiful website to generating highly relevant traffic and helping you convert that traffic into Leads and Sales.

We market your business as our own. Helping you deliver excellent quality every step of the way. From establishing your brand and reputation online to getting Online Leads and helping you maximize Sales.

We are responsible for a lot & this makes us accountable.

Our 360° Approach can Include

When Professionals Take Over

Our comprehensive approach gives you all you need to grow your business as fast as you need to.


We will discuss the exact mix needed to grow your business during our Discovery call.



  • Rock-Star Website

  • Search & Social Ads

  • Search Engine Rankings

  • Google Maps Rankings

Close the Leads


  • Lead Management

  • Reputation Management

Get Leads


  • Conversion Optimization

  • Reviews & Reputation

  • Email Automations

  • Website Chat

  • Online Scheduling



  • Live Dashboard

  • Meaningful Metrics

  • Transparent Work



We drive Revenue for businesses that rely on local Leads.


Home Services


Security Cameras




And your business...

Contractor Marketing can Help Local Busineses

Who can Benefit from This Contractor Marketing Service?

  • Home Builders & contractors that don't have Marketing experts on staff.

  • Construction companies that have an in-house Internet Marketing team, but need highly-specialized talent - Construction SEO Experts, PPC specialists etc.

  • Renovations & home services companies that need to generate Leads & close more Sales.

  • Construction companies that need pre-construction marketing & help advertising new projects.

  • Businesses that need to extend their in-house resources with highly technical Digital Marketing experts.

  • Contractors of any size looking to generate steady Revenue growth from Internet Marketing.

Why get Contractor Marketing?

Common Challenges Construction Companies Have

There is a number of construction marketing challenges that clients have before they come to us. Here is a couple of them:

  • They can't generate enough Leads to consistently grow the business.

  • Low-quality Leads - some companies can generate Leads, but can't close them into Sales.

  • No Consistency in Sales - if you don't have a consistent approach to or a marketing plan for the construction business, your sales will likely be inconsistent.

  • Budget Waste and Increasing Costs - mostly a result of poorly managed marketing in the construction industry.


Construction Internet Marketing Services you need to grow your Revenue

What Construction Marketing Services Will it Take to Market your Business?

HVAC SEO Company Marketing  example from Search Console.

It's not our first rodeo. We know exactly what it takes to successfully market a construction company online.

Our Construction Digital Marketing Services fit into a holistic approach proven to generate Leads & Sales. Here is a brief look at what an average Construction Marketing Plan may include: 


  • Beautiful website, optimized to generate Leads.

  • Reputation management, built into your process.

  • Visibility on Google Maps (Local & hyperlocal SEO).

  • Be found in insudtry-specific directory listings.

  • Construction SEO - be found on Google Search.

  • Website chat -  to actively engage site Visitors and capture Leads.

  • Google Local Service Ads  - pay per Lead Advertising strategies - is one of the best places to advertise a construction business.

  • Other Digital Ads - strategic use of Social Media and Search Ads, depending on your marketing plan.

  • Email Marketing - connecting with Leads, past customers and getting referrals.

  • Be notified every time you get a Lead or a Call from us. 


75% of consumers admit to judging about company's credibility based on it's web presence.

Your Website will be Your Best Salesperson

Example of Award-Winning Construction Marketing Website

Step One for Construction Internet Marketing - Professional Website

Your website is not a business card. In 2024, your website is your best, full-time Salesperson. No matter how prospects find your site, if it's optimized to generate Leads, consumers will enter an Internet Marketing funnel and their journey to purchase will begin.

There is a number of objectives for your Construction company. One of them is to establish a solid digital footprint so that interested prospects can find you.

However, there is no point in being found if your website will not give you Sales. Conversion Optimization is the process of making sure that your website is optimized to generate Leads. Otherwise, no amount of SEO or Construction Digital Marketing campaigns is going to work.


50% of all searches on Google have Local or Hyper-Local intent. 

Contractor SEO - Quality Leads for Less

Construction SEO Will Be Your Best ROI Channel

Constrution Marketing company - team of expers in constructio, condo marketing for contractors and builders.

SEO for home builders, renovation companies and construction businesses is always the channel with the best Return on Investment. However, if you haven't been investing in SEO in the past, getting consistent results may take some time.

There are over 200 ranking factors on Google. However, many of them can be summarized as having the best website that works for Mobile & Desktop, plus - the best content.

Our Internet Marketing team puts extra effort to make sure your website is fast, mobile-friendly and is optimized to generate Leads for your business. 

Over time, you will start getting more Visits, Leads and Sales from SEO. At this point, you are hooked. And with that low Cost per Lead, there is no reason you would want to stop.

Local SEO & Hyperlocal Marketing for Construction Companies

Local SEO & Hyperlocal Marketing for Construction - a Proven Next Step to Grow Your Revenue 

Local SEO is one of the best ways to get Construction Business Leads and Sales online. 

Google Maps marketing or the so-called Local SEO is the place to start because that's where you can beat the industry leaders fairly easily.

Our Construction marketing company usually includes Local SEO in any marketing plan we work on. That's because almost 50% of all searches on Google have local intent. This means that almost half of the users on Google are looking for a business or a service close by. 

Local SEO along with Hyperlocal Digital Marketing opens the door to a completely new audience. Extra-loyal customers who are close by. This means that this audience likely has a better chance of generating referrals, which results in more business for you.


Why you Need a Construction PPC Company to get Results?

Construction PPC Management - Gets you Leads, Faster!


Construction Marketing can be complex. In addition, SEO for the Construction business can take time as well.

That the main reason behind using Pay-per-click marketing for construction companies along with SEO. It gives you the benefits of both worlds. the higher volume of Leads from PPC marketing, plus low Cost per Lead from SEO.

Our Construction PPC experts at growth360 have proven ways to rank your business in Google Ads.

Combining SEO, Local SEO and PPC Marketing gives your construction business a much better chance of being clicked when a prospect searches for Construction Services on Google.

Our scientific approach to advertising will turn your Internet Marketing efforts into the lead generation machine. 

Email Marketing for Construction Companies

Construction Email Marketing - a Must-Have in (almost) Any Construction Marketing Plan

Marketing plan for HVAC business.

Working around the Digital Marketing funnel, Email Marketing for Construction companies is a must-have.

Our clients frequently use Email Marketing campaigns to automate their business processes, re-engage past customers, and generate referrals.

It's easier to retain an existing client than to get a new one. There is a number of other benefits that email marketing for construction companies brings to the table.

It's a relatively cost-effective way to work with your best audience, generate referrals and more. Ask us how email marketing can serve your construction company.

Best Construction Marketing Company

Why Choose growth360 as Your Construction Marketing Company?

  • Turn-Key, 360-degree solution. From web design to SEO, Paid Search, and Reputation management, we get results that matter!

  • Transparent - all our clients get access to a live, enterprise-grade dashboard so you can see results of our work live, plus full visibility in our Project Management system.


  • Flexible - is reflected in our engagement types. We can be involved as much as you need us, from fixed-scope projects to consulting. While our main retainer includes a 360 approach to digital marketing for construction companies.

  • Performance-Oriented - built by experts, experienced in driving revenue online for businesses of all sizes from small local businesses to Fortune 100 brands.

  • Process - at growth360 we designed an effective process and cutting-edge technology allows you to get more from your marketing.

  • Get Notified - our clients get notified every time they get a Lead or a Phone Call from our efforts.


Want to grow? We'd love to help. Let's have a fair conversation about your goals & how to get there.

  • Does SEO work?
    Ours does. SEO is a complex topic and requires smart & consistent work. Depending on your particular scenario it may require coding work, server response optimization, changing website structure and content. Using data to develop a plan and prioritizing tasks based on the impact vs effort helps to see results sooner and makes it work.
  • What is average price for SEO Services?
    In a nutshell, an average SEO Services price in August 2020 ranges between $650-$3,000 CAD per month for an average SEO Retainer of 20 hours depending on the scope and the type of organization you hire. A one time SEO project would cost between $5,000 - $30,000 CAD, while SEO Consulting services price will range between $150-$300 for the time of an SEO Consultant. See more on price for SEO Services here.
  • How fast can I get results in SEO?
    If you didn't invest in SEO Services in the past, it will likely take around six months of consistent SEO work to see results. If you involve Professional SEO Agency, you will see first results within 1-2 months and revenue growth in 3-6 months. Beauty of SEO is that results continue to increase over time, for most of our clients SEO is the main source of revenue, sprinkled with some smart advertising and Conversion Rate Optimization, there is a good change of seeing 10x to 20x increase in revenue from SEO. Our Consutants can help you with a range of services from a Website Audit to a Strategy and Local SEO Services Toronto.
  • Do you only do SEO for companies in Toronto?
    We are located in Toronto, however, we have clients all around Ontario, Canada, US and Europe.
  • What is SEO?
    SEO is a set of actions to ensure your pages rank on top of Search Results pages when a user searches for certain keyword phrases.
  • How is SEO different from Paid Search advertising?
    There is a number of differences between SEO and Paid Results. SEO is a more long-term tactic compared to Paid Search (PPC). While SEO takes longer to start seeing results, unlike Paid Search advertising Results from SEO last longer - months or even years. In Paid Advertising you pay for every click. As soon as your budget is spent, your listing stops showing up. This is not the case with SEO - you pay for the cost of work from your teams to get you to the first page of search results. Clicks are free with Organic Search.

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