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We got SEO down to science. Growth360 is a performance marketing agency, located in Toronto. We specialize in revenue-driving Digital Marketing services, and eCommerce SEO is one of our specializations. We work with large and small clients in B2B and B2C industries.

eCommerce SEO is one of the most complex and rewarding areas of Digital Marketing. It requires expertise in multiple areas including Search Engine Optimization, website backend knowledge, CRO, UX and tagging. But most of all, it requires a smooth process that would allow managing thousands of pages while delivering traffic growth.

Growth360 is built on Transparency, Flexibility & Performance values. Our main Retainer offers the flexibility of having the right specialist on your account at the right time. From Strategy to Web Analytics, SEO and CRO Specialists, we integrate seamlessly with your teams. We have experience and in-house resources required to consistently generate revenue for your store through Organic Search results.

What is eCommerce SEO?

It's a process of optimizing online retail websites to generate more Organic Search traffic from websites like Google, Bing, Yahoo and more.

However, from a Search Optimization Expert perspective, it's a much broader category that applies to more than just online stores.

It can apply to any website that has it's products (or services) structured in the category hierarchy, followed by sub-categories and product (or service) pages underneath it. 

From this perspective, automotive or real estate websites fit into the definition.

Why is SEO Important for eCommerce?

Let's take a look at an example. Based on the definition above, automotive companies fit into the eCommerce website category.

  • They have a similar structure:

    • Category - SUVs​

    • Sub-Category - Hybrids

    • Product - Ford Escape

  • Their Products have facets:

    • Product - Ford Escape​

    • Year - 2021

    • Model - Titanium Plug-In Hybrid

  • And additional features:

    • Powertrain​

    • Exterior Features

    • Interior Features

However, automotive companies choose a different approach. Ford Canada doesn't sell vehicles to consumers directly. Instead, they have dealership network to do it.

That's why you won't see rank for revenue-driving terms like "Hybrid SUVs Canada", even though they pay for Google Ads to rank for that term.

Imagine how much impact this little tweak would have had for the company?

What makes growth360 different?

When building growth360 we wanted to make a difference, here is how we did it:



We act on data and measure what we do, there is no guessing here. Based on analysis of your website & market we find the most effective ways to generate revenue growth. Uncovered opportunities are prioritized based on impact vs effort so that you can see results sooner.

Find, Click, Convert - the Bulletproof approach

To get results on Google, It's not enough to be found. The Find, Click and Convert need to work together.​ That's why our main retainers include work of the right specialist at the right time. From an Analyst to a Director of Strategy, SEO Consultant and Conversion Rate Optimization specialist.


  • Find - Rank higher and get Visibility on the first page of Google.

  • Click - Yes, we help increase the number of clicks you get on Google.

  • Convert - We help you optimize your website to increase Leads & Sales from all channels.

Frequently asked questions

How is eCommerce SEO different?

eCommerce SEO is much more complex. Except for having a lot more pages, SEO for an eCommerce website requires a well thought-through process and a degree of automation. Let's break it down:

  • SEO for any website requires content. eCommerce websites have a lot of pages, thus need more content.
  • Choosing the right structure and working with your development teams to make sure changes are implemented properly to improve eCommerce SEO.
  • Mapping one keyword to hundreds of (sometimes similar) items takes more time.
  • Seasonal and out-of-stock items require special process and automation.
  • Tracking and analytics require more attention.
Our team of experts seamlessly integrates with your internal Development and Marketing teams making sure we deliver best SEO for eCommerce sites. We have internal expertise to help improve eCommerce SEO websites.

How much does eCommerce SEO cost?

As it requires a lot more effort and a broader scope of work, just being in eCommerce category means that we will charge you more. There is no definitive answer to how much eCommerce SEO cost, however, here is a list of things that we consider:

  • Size of your business - if you are an under $100k eCommerce startup, we will charge you less than we charge Wayfair. Managing thousands of SKUs can be complex.
  • Stakeholders & Internal Process - if you have multiple teams managing different product categories, four Project Managers and a separate team that deals with metrics & implementation, this would require a lot more time to manage, compared to one point of contact and a monthly meeting.
  • Services Required - if you want us to take over strategy, implementation and changes to the strategy over time, this makes us fully accountable. However, if you need an eCommerce SEO Cpecialist to attent weekly meetings answering SEO questions, this will likely cost you less. If we are not accountable, we charge you less.

What are the benefits of eCommerce SEO?

Organic Search traffic should be the main source of leads for any website, especially if it's eCommerce. Some of the benefits of eCommerce SEO:

  1. High Quality traffic - Users who search Google show high intent compared to traffic from other channels (Facebook or Display advertising). Targeting the right search queries based on user intent will generate outstanding results.
  2. Volume of Visits - over 70% of all clicks on Google go to Organic Search results. And these clicks are free. This presents an enourmous opportunity for any business, especially eCommerce websites.
  3. Improved User Experience - this means that while optimizing your website for SEO, you improve how easy it is for website Visitors to use your website. As a result, sales from all traffic sources will improve.
  4. Content - Generating content that helps users make a decission to buy is also a part of SEO. And this helps tell a brand story in a way that is interesting, informative and relevant to consumer's needs.
  5. Main Source of Leads - Organic Search traffic should be the main source of leads for any website. Because of the volume and quality of traffic Organic Search can generate, this should be one of the main investments for all businesses, large and small.

How long does it take to get results with SEO?

The answer largely depends on your location, competition as well as for how long you were investing in SEO. We can't promise results overnight and don't trust anyone who does. We can, however, look to data to determine the best path forward and help you get there as fast as possible. It's improtant to remeber that a path from page 5 to page 1 of Google often lies through page 3.

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