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eCommerce SEO Services from Toronto's Consultants

Sell More. Turn Google into your highest ROI Channel.


Welcome to growth, your eCommerce SEO Agency

We got eCommerce SEO down to science. 

Built on the opportunity to create a transparent, flexible, and performance-oriented Digital Marketing agency, a partner you can trust. We specialize in revenue-driving eCommerce SEO services and work with businesses all around Canada & the US. We help our clients get double-digit growth for their eCommerce websites.

That's right double-digit growth is what we expect to see from your eCommerce digital marketing. And you should too.

We want you to grow faster, that's why our standard SEO retainer includes the work of multiple specialists from an eCommerce SEO expert to Local SEO, an Analyst, and Conversion Optimization specialist, let's focus on growth, not the services you buy.

It's simple, Clients want results. Specialists want to do good work. growth360 is where we have technology  & process to make this happen.

Benefits of eCommerce SEO

  • Traffic and Sales 24/7.

  • Visibility on Google and other search engines when consumers search for related products.

  • Lower advertising costs - due to improved Relevancy and Quality scores you Cost per Click will decrease.

  • Increased Sales from all channels - UX & Conversion Rate Optimization will help you sell more, no matter how a prospect got to your website.

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Is eCommerce SEO Worth the Investment?


  • For most of our clients SEO is the highest ROI channel, by far.

  • Unlike Paid Media results obtained through SEO are likely to stay, even if the investment is reduced.

  • It can save you a lot of money on Paid Media.

  • Improved User Experience will help you sell more through all channels.


  • You may see some results fast (not instant), but generally, SEO does take time to plan and execute.

Who Can Benefit from this eCommerce SEO service?

  • Small & Medium-sized businesses who don't have in-house eCommerce SEO experts.

  • Companies that have SEO Specialists in-house, but require strategic guidance or consulting.

  • Businesses of any size that need to extend their in-house resources with highly-technical SEO Specialists.

  • Businesses preparing to integrate online or migrating their eCommerce websites.

  • Businesses of any size that need to solve a specific problem with SEO on their retail website.

Male and female discussing a strategy in a boardroom

What is eCommerce SEO?

eCommerce SEO is a process of optimizing online retail websites to generate more Organic Search traffic from Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more. 

However, from an eCommerce SEO Expert perspective, it's a much broader category that applies to more than just online stores.

It can apply to any website that has it's products (or services) structured in the category hierarchy, followed by sub-categories and product (or service) pages underneath it. 

From this perspective, automotive or real estate websites fit into the definition.


Example of SEO for eCommerce Website

Let's take a look at an example. Based on the definition above, automotive companies fit into the eCommerce website category.

  • They have a similar structure:

    • Category - SUVs​

    • Sub-Category - Hybrids

    • Product - Ford Escape

  • Their Products have facets:

    • Product - Ford Escape​

    • Year - 2021

    • Model - Titanium Plug-In Hybrid

  • And additional features:

    • Powertrain​

    • Exterior Features

    • Interior Features

However, automotive companies choose a different approach. Ford Canada doesn't sell vehicles to consumers directly. Instead, they have dealership network to do it.

That's why you won't see rank for revenue-driving terms like "Hybrid SUVs Canada", even though they have the content and even pay for Google Ads to rank for that keyword.

Imagine the amount of monthly savings Ford could generate by implementing this simple tweak?


Our SEO Process for eCommerce Websites

  • Tell us about your business objectives.

  • We'll crawl your website and discover technical SEO  issues that are preventing your success.

  • Quick Wins (not instant) - how can we improve what you currently have to start getting results sooner?

  • Get technical - let's fix technical SEO issues and work with site's structure so it works for both Consumers and Search Engines.

  • Scale your reach - let's put together some best-in-class pieces of content and tell your story to prospects every step of the consumer journey.

  • Advanced analytics - by now you are getting more Visits and Sales. But what is the behaviour pattern? Do prospects drop-off before making a purchase?

  • Conversion Rate Optimization - we act on data implementing experiments to Sell more with the existing site visitors, no matter how they find you.

  • Work with Paid Search & Social teams to help lower their costs due to improved Landing pages.


With Search Engine Optimization, the sky is the limit. Tell us what your goals are.

How our eCommerce SEO Agency Different?

  • Our specialists work as an extension of your team focusing on your business objectives.

  • Our standard retainer includes work of the right specialist at the right time, you get more than SEO.

  • We work with data to find the best way to achieve your goals, be it SEO, Paid Search or maximizing gains from the existing traffic.

  • Our team is experienced at generating growth for startups as well as Fortune 500 brands.

But apart from experience & unparalleled knowledge, it's our set of values that our clients appreciate:

  • Transparent - we provide our clients with enterprise-grade dashboard so you can hold us accountable.

  • Flexible - we can be involved as much or as little as you like. Our standard eCommerce SEO retainer includes work of a Strategist, SEO Specialist, Local SEO as well as Conversion Rate Optimization Experts. Let's focus on results, not the services.

  • Performance - data is not a buzzword at growth360. We develop metrics that reflect your business objectives. This ensures that your results are repeatable, scalable and impact your bottom line.


Want to grow? We'd love to help. Let's have a fair conversation about your goals & how to get there.

eCommerce SEO Services

eCommerce SEO Consulting

Perfect for businesses that have an eCommerce SEO Expert, but need a more strategic approach an extra pair of eyes to make sure you are capitalizing on all the SEO opportunities out there...


eCommerce SEO Retainer

Ideal for companies that are looking to generate repeatable growth and want to get the best SEO for eCommerce site on the team. This get you a team of experienced Strategy, SEO and CRO experts to ensure results...


eCommerce SEO Projects

As an eCommerce SEO Toronto agency, we get called for projects all the time. From website migrations, SEO Audits or SEO for eCommerce product pages. If you have a liited problem you need to solve, this service is for you.


Strategy for eCommerce SEO

Best eCommerce SEO agencies in Toronto build data-driven strategies. In case you need a roadmap to your eCommerce SEO store success, this service is for you...


Audit of eCommerce SEO Site

Find hidden technical & content SEO issues, find the best ways to solve them, prioritize SEO work based on impact vs effort, and capitalize on quick wins in Canada & Worldwide!


SEO for eCommerce Migration

If you are migrating your website and need an SEO Consultant to help navigate the rough waters and minimize traffic loss, give us a call.


If your online store caters to consumers in multiple geographical locations, you may need to develop a strategic approach and a process of optimizing your pages to rank in these areas...


Technical SEO eCommerce

If you need to optimize your crawl budget, fix indexing issues, redirect loops and other hidden technical issues.  We follow ecommece SEO best practices to find & fix them.


eCommerce PPC Agency

Paid Search, pay per click or shopping campaigns. If you need to get your products in front of more people, look no further than growth360. Our PPC Experts design & manage profitable...


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