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We got SEO down to science. Growth360 is a performance marketing agency, located in Toronto. We specialize in revenue-driving Digital Marketing services. We work with Small & Medium-Sized businesses providing top-quality SEO Services in Toronto.

Digital transformation for Small Businesses can be challenging. Due to limited resources and lack of in-house technical expertise. However, without optimization, an absolutely stunning website means little if it can't be found on Google.

Search Engine Optimization allows you to get access to Google's high-intent audiences which leads to high ROI that lasts for a long time. In simple terms, to be found on Google, your website has to be the best resource to answer consumer questions in your niche.

The path from page five to page one of Google Search results often lies through page three. At growth360 we use data to help you get there faster. 

What is Small Business SEO?

Small Business SEO refers to a number of techniques and & actions that help your website show up in Search Results when consumers search for queries that are relevant to your business.


How to Get Started with Small Business SEO?

 To understand the course of actions you need to take, ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you want to get out of Organic Search?

  • How many leads and traffic are you getting from Organic Search right now?

  • How much growth do you need and how soon?

  • How much work would it take to get there?


Why should you invest in small business SEO?

Benefits of SEO for Small Business.

In most cases, Small Businesses can't afford to invest much into online advertising. Inconsistent revenue streams prevent businesses from sustaining a long-term advertising strategy. This is where SEO comes to play. Since it allows you to take advantage of "free" Organic Search traffic.

Benefits of SEO for Small Business:

  • Access to "Free" Google Traffic - over 70% of all clicks on Google go to the Organic Search results. This presents a huge opportunity for businesses looking to establish growth.

  • High-Intent Audiences - users who search Google show high interest in the topic they search for. Compare this to Facebook advertising, Radio or even print. Traditional media and some forms of Digital Advertising have a pretty slim chance of catching the right user in the right time. That's not the case with SEO.

  • Long-Term Results - Once you start getting Leads and Sales from Organic Search, you can expect these results to increase over time. 100 Leads in the first three months are likely to turn into 120 in the next quarter and so on. 

  • Laser-Focused Traffic - due to the industry, business specifics and location, many Small Businesses tend to focus on local, niche markets. Unlike traditional media Organic Search is the perfect place to find leads for highly-specific local queries.

Bulletproof Approach to small business SEO

SEO is a broad topic and covers multiple areas from Website Structure to Content & Technical SEO. None of these areas should be sacrificed to work for Search Engines rather than Users.

Instead, SEO should complement each and every one of these sections. Our data-driven methodology helps you cut through the noise consistently finding the best next step you should take to generate revenue for your business. These are some of the main pillars we focus on when doing SEO for small businesses:

  • Content - this is where you choose the search queries you want to rank for. To target these queries, you need to create quality content that answers specific Consumer questions. Rather than focusing on keywords, we look for the intents behind them. We then help you generate quality content to get your website rank for the query.

  • Technical SEO - determines how easy to use your website is for Visitors and Search Engine Robots. This includes everything from Code Quality Analysis to Server Configurations to Tech Stack review, page load speed etc. Your website has to work great for both robots and humans.

  • Authority - determines how important your website is for Search Engines. This involves multiple factors from how old your domain is to how many high authority websites link to you and how this compares to your competitors.


Ready to grow? We'd love to help. Let's have a fair conversation about your goals & how to get there.

Frequently asked questions

How Much Does Small Business SEO Cost?

There is no specific number that would work for every business. However, these are the things that impact Small Business SEO services pricing:

  1. Depth of Involvement - most of our engagements hold us accountable for strategy, results and their evolution over time. This means we are accountable. However, if you just need us to join a call once a week and answer SEO questions, our services will be cheaper.
  2. Business Objectives - we analyze your market, current SEO situation, risks and opportunities and internal resources you have available. Based on research we'll have an honest conversation about the level of effort required in order to achieve your growth goals. We want you to see results fast, but if faster means more effort on our side, this will increase the price.
  3. eCommerce or Not - eCommerce websites are more complex and require additional service like building a process for managing hundreds and thousands of SKUs. If you run an eCommerce business, we will likely charge you more.
  4. Internal Resources - do you have an internal Project Manager to manage how our SEO recommendations are implemented or do you need us to do it? We can help you manage your team, but this will likely cost you more.
Let's book a Discovery Call and have a fair conversation about your goals and how to get there sooner.

Is SEO Important for Small Business?

Yes, very. Most Small businesses don't have the budget to sustain long-term advertising strategy, that's why SEO is a great solution for SMBs. We recommend investing ~30% of budget into SEO for most of our Small Business clients. While SEO won't generate results tomorrow (unlike Paid Search advertising), once you start getting results, they are likely to stay with you, increasing over time. SEO help for small business can take you a long way, because there are no limits to what you can achieve in Organic Search.

Does SEO Work for Small Business?

Ours does. In fact, SEO is one of the marketing channels we recommend for Small Businesses because it generates results that grow over time, without a need to pay for every click. SEO gives you access to high-quality leads from Google and results increase over time. This means that 500 Leads in year one are likely to turn into 650 in the second year and so forth.

Some of the Most Popular SEO Services for Small Business

Competitive Analysis

Impact vs effort. One of the first steps we perform when developing your SEO Strategy. We use data to pinpoint opportunities your competitors missed, that's why with us you get results sooner...


On-Page SEO Services

An area of SEO that you have a lot of control over. We analyze your content, website structure and other factors to will help you rank for more search queries and as a result get more exposure sooner...


Keywords Research

When it comes to SEO Keywords Research is one of the most important pillars. We handpick keywords with the best opportunities for your business, includes long-tail keywords.



Off-Page SEO Services

As a part of the off-page optimization, our Small Business SEO Experts review link building opportunities to help increase your website "authority" in Google's eyes and get you more exposure.


Technical SEO Small Business

Back-end of SEO is complex. We pride ourselves in being technical marketers. Exactly the kind you need to get the technical details of your SEO sorted out...

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Site Speed Audit

Site speed is one of the ranking factors on Google. User experience depends on it. As a result, it directly affects your rankings. We help you identify...


Local SEO Services

The way people search the web is evolving. Consumers are increasingly more likely to use Local Search and Mobile devices to find local small businesses and make purchases...


Google  Penalty Removal

Google changes it's algorithm 500+ times a year. These changes are accompanied by penalties. We help you identify which penalty your website is affected by and help you...