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Welcome to growth, your Local SEO agency

We got Local SEO down to science. Built on the opportunity to create a transparent, flexible and performance-oriented local SEO company, a partner you can trust.

We specialize in revenue-driving services for local business and franchises with multiple locations in Toronto, Canada and the US.

Our data-driven approach to local business marketing, allows us to consistently find the best solution to marketing your specific business online.

We want your business to generate more traffic & sales. We really do. That's why our strategies map out the way from ranking locally for minor queries to scaling for more "money" keywords on a metropolitan level. All of this, starts with a free discovery call with one of our Local SEO Consultants. 

It's simple, clients want to see results. Specialists want to do good work. growth360 is where we have technology and process to make it happen.

Benefits of Local SEO Marketing for your Business:

  • Traffic, Phone Calls, and Leads 24/7.

  • Visibility on Google Maps for local customers searching for your priority keywords.

  • Metropolitan visibility for users making plans in your area.

  • Continuous exposure to the most loyal audience - local clients.

Man and woman in a boardroom at growth 360 office discussing strategy for a local SEO campaign.

This Local SEO Service is Perfect for:

  • Small local businesses looking to rank in their local area on Google Search and Google Maps.

  • Franchises looking to structure their website and Google My Business accounts setup properly and get results for multiple locations.

  • Enterprises and eCommerce stores with multiple brick and mortar locations looking to build relevance and get exposure locally.

  • Businesses of any size and industry looking to  drive more Revenue in their local area.

Use our SEO & Marketing experience to benefit your Sales!

growth360 was an integral part of our growth. Their approach to Conversion Rate Optimization on our website, technical SEO knowledge and local SEO strategy has helped us consistently overdeliver against KPIs in the last 6 months. Excellent service, knowledgeable staff, easy to understand. Comfortable experience!

Knowledgeble Staff


Roman Trytyachenko,

Geolance Marketplace

Great Service, Recommend

Big thank you to Sasha and the team! I really appreciated fast turnaround on the project and the quality of work at growth360, the team knows their craft and are very attentive to the details. Great service, recommend!


Tiye Traore,

Aleo Studio

What our clients say

Our Approach to Local SEO

We want you to suceed online. We really do. That's why our local business marketing approach scales with your business.

There is no one-fits-all approach, but our deliverables often include:

  • Audit & Planning - our Local SEO Consultant gets to work. Gathering information about your business and competition in Google's local search landscape. 

  • Keywords - you can't rank for a keyword if you don't talk about it. We find keywords that are relevant for your specific location & help you rank for them.

  • Optimization - includes both your website and Google my Business page. 

  • Local Citations - we help you build local citations to increase overall authority in the local space.

  • Local Management - you want to make sure that your information is the same across listings and directories. We take care of that.

  • Enterprise-grade Measurement - except for live dashboard, our tracking solutions provide transcripts of phone calls we generate online. 

  • There is more. Ask us about what our plan will be for you.


How Our Local SEO Company is Different

  • Transparency - All our clients get extensive entrprise-grade tracking for their results on-site Leads and Google my Business calls. We want you to keep us accountable.

  • Flexibility - Our main engagement types include work of Analytics, Strategy and CRO Specialists. Let's focus on results, not the services you buy.

  • We've helped dozens of businesses like yours!

  • Data - with founders that crafted data-first marketing solutions for local businesses & Fortune 100 clients, we act on data and never guess.

  • We worked with businesses in multiple industries from trades, restaurants, and home services to dealerships and even manufacturers.

  • We take care not only about keywords but also about Conversion Optimization and User Experience.

  • We are technical marketers. So if you need advice on improving page speed, indexing issues or migrations, we got it covered. 

Engagement Types

Flexibility is one of our core values. This value is reflected in the engagement types we offer:

  • Projects - we get called for projects all the time. Ideal for businesses that know exactly what they need and have a defined timeline. Audits, migrations, resolving citation issues and other projects with a set scope.

  • Retainers - ideal for businesses that have aggressive goals and need steady revenue growth.

  • Consulting - if you have minimal needs or budget, our SEO Consulting retainer might be right for you. You get access to a number of hours with your SEO expert that you can use over time. While this does not give you access to all the benefits of a standard SEO retainer, you get to run all SEO ideas by your expert, get technical SEO recommendations, keyword research, and even tagging recommendations in a less formal way. 

How We'll Work


Discovery Call

Tell us about your goals and how soon you would like to achieve them.


Scope & Approach

Here we find optimal ways to achieve your goals and the best way to work together.



We sign a contract that outlines the terms we agree on.


Revenue Growth

We do the work. You see results.

Tools we Use

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Want to grow? We'd love to help. Let's have a fair conversation about your goals & how to get there.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of Local SEO?

Two major benefits of Local SEO is that it allows your business to gain visibility comparatively quickly (but not instantly). In addition local customers tend to be more loyal. Google and other search engines prefer small local business every day of the week, as they are more likely to cater to User's need. And especially with the rise of Mobile device usage, a search for coffee will definitely be interprited as a search for a local coffee shop as opposed to coffee you can get delivered from Amazon. If the client like your service, chances are, they will return. And just like that you've got yourself a new loyal customer.

Do you offer Local SEO Audits?

Yes, we do. This is one of the first steps in working with the new clients. We need to analyze the data to understand the gap between where you are and where you would like to be. Based on the analysis we can estimate the amount of time and investment you might need to achieve the results.

In case you need a Local SEO Audit that outlines the steps your in-house team should take, we can help you with that.

Do you only work with businesses in Canada?

No. We help businesses in Canada, the United States and the UK generate revenue online. From our perspective, it doesn't matter where the business is located. Clients in any country would benefit from the best practices and our approach.

Should I hire Local SEO Agency or Consultant?

When you hire a Local SEO company, you get access to more value. A Local SEO marketing agency will generally have a Director of Strategy, Senior SEO Specialist, and a Jr. SEO working on your account. This gives you access to well thought-through strategy, execution and oversight over the work you get. Local SEO Consultants can be beneficial as well, however, lack of oversight and one Consultant doing all the work can have certain downsides to it. Such as lack of the second opinion, and overexpanded hours of the Consultant as they have to balance both business and doing the work.

What other Local SEO Services do you provide?

One of our core values is flexibility. It's reflected in types of services we offer to our clients. Our goal is to make SEO work for your business, no matter what stage of Local SEO journey you are at. Our services include:

  • Local SEO Support - we can act as an extension of your team. This can give you the second strategic opinion on the right approach to SEO.
  • Local Business SEO Strategy - works well for companies that need
  • Local SEO Retainer - our Local SEO retainer gets you access ot the right specialist at the right time. From a Director of Strategy to a CRO Specialist, an Analyst or a Local SEO Expert.
  • Local SEO Consulting Services - in case you have the need for SEO, but want to keep it in-house. You can have access to a number of hours with your SEO Expert that you can use over time. You can use the hours at once or over time.

How much does Local SEO cost?

There is no one number that would work for every local business. However, below are the factors that we consider when estimating the pricing.

  1. Accountability - if our involvement is limited to connecting with you internal team to answer a Local SEO trivia once a month, we will charge you less. However, if you want us to be accountable for the results you get, this will cost you more.
  2. Project Management - do you have a Project Manager who can manage implementation of our recommendations or would you like us to manage the project?
  3. Size of Business - Local SEO is complex. If you are a small local business with one or two locations, our services will cost less. However, franchises with multiple locations may require developing internal processes and keeping on top of hundreds of locations around the country, driving the cost of service up.
  4. Stakeholders & Touch Points - if you have three internal divisions, fifty franchisees and two levels of approvals we need need to go through, then our services will be more expensive than if you had one point of contact and a monthly meeting.
  5. Growth Goals - we will analyze the amount of interanal resources you have available, your current standing and where you would like to get and how soon you want to be there. We want you to say "we can get there faster". However, faster often means more effort on our end, this will cost you more.

What industries do you work with?

We provide local SEO services for Coffee Shops, Trades, Lawyers, Dentists, Real Estates, Franchises and Small Local Businesses. With that said, best practices and recommendations apply to any idustry.

So if you want to rank in Local SEO, connect with one of our Specialists.
To get a free analysis and see how we can help you grow revenue locally.

Why local SEO is improtant for your business?

Because it allows your business to get exposure to the most loyal audience - local prospects. In addition, unlike Paid Media, with local SEO you keep the exposure even after you stop investing in it.

How loand does Local SEO take?

Local SEO results can take anywhere from 1-2 months up to 6-12 months.This depends on your particular business and market.

For example, if your competitor has been investing in SEO for the past 3 years, chances are, there is a pretty big gap.
That's why you need someone who can go through data insights and find opportunities that your competitors missed. This way you'll get some results sooner and scale over time as we close the existing gap. Here is an example of what it looks like: