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Get a Google Analytics Audit Service Toronto

Base Your Decisions on the Right Data. 


Welcome to growth

Technical Marketers. Our technical expertise & data backbone is what sets us apart.

We get our numbers right, every time. That's because of the technical expertise of our Google Analytics Consultants. Our Google Analytics Audit Service is designed to help your business get your numbers right too. 

We offer this service because many of the businesses we work with have troubles with their data. This leads to misconceptions about their Digital Marketing, and ultimately poor decisions, which in some cases can cost millions in Ad Spend and lost Revenue.

Our clients include startups, small businesses and enterprises. We work with eCommerce websites and other industries, all around Canada and the US. 

If you are not seeing a clear picture of where your Leads and Sales come from. Your reports included unwanted traffic (site visits from your office or bot traffic). Or you don't see the expected results of your digital marketing decisions, then maybe you should give us a call.

Benefits of Google Analytics Audit

  • Data quality check - make sure your data in Google Analytics is correct data.

  • Data Hygiene - ensures you rely on clean quality data without losing a significant portion of your data due to poor setup.

  • Attribution Issues - making sure your traffic and Conversions are attributed to the right channels so you can make better investment decisions.

  • Tracking - make sure you are tracking the right actions in Universal Analytics and GA4.

  • Consistency - are you certain actions in Google Ads, Display Ads and Google Analytics are tracked in the same way?

Example of Google Analytics Audit for GA4.

Mistakes we often find during Google Analytics audit

  • Double counting - we often see businesses report x2 the actual Leads and eCommerce website Sales.

  • Bots & Internal traffic - are you certain that you are excluding all the bots and internal office traffic from reporting?

  • Consistency - "get optimized for 100 Leads in Paid Search, but only see 40 Leads in Google Analytics"

  • Channel attribution - where are Conversions coming from, are you giving more budget to the right channels?

  • Wrong actions - are you tracking the right actions on your website as conversions?

  • Not covering all website pages - this is incredibly common for enterprise-size corporate websites with multiple parties owning Tag Management.

What's Included



In order to collect data, you need to have a GA code snippet on every page of your website. We make sure it's implemented properly.



Channel filters, campaign tagging, redirects, UTM parameters etc.


Data Collection

When the code is set up, data is collected. We make sure it follows best practices - views setup, excludes internal and bot traffic, capitalization, site search terms, PII etc.


Goal Tracking

Includes event tracking in Google Analytics, interactive events QA, making sure Bounce Rate is tracked properly. Goals and goal funnels check.



We help you setup data inside the interface so you can extract meaningful insights fast - content groupings, subdomain tracking, filters and more.


Other Deliverables

Other deliverables depending on your business and the scope of work.

Standard Deliverables 

Our deliverables often depend on your business (e.g. eCommerce vs non-eCommerce), objectives of the project and the scope of work. 

Below is a list of standard deliverables we include on every project.


  • Discovery Call - let's go over your business objectives and see how GA Audit can help you get there.

  • Google Analytics Audit report - your Google Analytics Consultant will share the results of the audit in an easy-to-view format.

  • Follow-up Call - let's sit down to go over the results, discuss conclusions and next steps.

Google Analytics Website Audit Cost Table.
Meeting with Google Analytics Website Audit Consultants  in Toronto, Canada Office.
  • In-house Google Analytics Consultants with over ten years of experience.

  • Technical marketers. The data backbone is what sets us apart. That's why we are your best bet to QA data in Google Analytics or GA360.

  • Experience working with small businesses to Fortune 100 clients on Google Analytics setup and maintenance.

  • Google Analytics certified specialists.

  • All work done in-house by certified Google Analytics consultants with years of Analytics experience.

Why choose growth360

Ready to get started? Let's have a fair conversation about your goals & how to get there.

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