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Wix Web Design & SEO

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growth360 offers Wix Website Design & SEO services. Website creation is a part of our comprehensive Online Marketing System designed to grow businesses online. Our team of professional Website Designers and marketers can help create a Wix website, optimize it for SEO, help rank your local business on Google, Google Maps, and more.


One client per industry & location. Check availability today!

Let's Rock-n-Roll Your Industry

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Wix SEO & Web Design - Foundation of Our Work

Our Marketing System


360° Approach

All you need to scale in one place


Flat Fee

This way you pay less


No Contracts

We work month-to-month


Proven Growth

Proven to grow locally oriented businesses


One Client per Location

One client per industry and location. Let's beat the competition, not join them



Our work is built on the core value of transparency


Wix Websites + SEO Services

Wix SEO & Web Design - Big of Our Approach

Over the years we've scaled many Wix websites with online marketing. 

It wasn't luck, it's a science and practice.


Web Design & SEO for Wix websites are an integral part of growth. Both services fit into the larger system that we use to help scale Wix websites, especially in Construction industry. It is not enough to have a good-looking website if:

  • No one can find it on Google & Bing

  • Or if it is not effective at maximizing Leads

  • Or doesn't have a built-in follow-up systems

  • Or no one if there to answer the phone

  • And other best practices built-in


That's why at growth360 when working on your Website Design & SEO we keep Sales in mind.

Your website is the foundation for the future success of your business, and you have to get it right.

Check service availability today!

Wix Website Examples

Our Web Design for Home Improvement companies reflects our approach to building a brand online. 

That's why our websites account for both - technical performance & Lead Generation.

Design, Conversion Optimization, look & feel come together so that your website:

  • Loads fast

  • Effectively tells your story

  • Generates Leads


Home Services: Security Camera & Network Cabling


Appliance Repair Company

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Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Company

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Magic Basements
Basement Waterproofing

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Concrete Contractor Website


Why Choose Wix Website Builder?

Benefits of Wix Websites

Our team works exclusively with Wix CMS to create websites for the clients in Toronto, and beyond. Working with Wix SEO & websites daily there is number of things that we like, including:

  • Excellent design - look at our Wix website design portfolio

  • Done for you – excellent for most non-technical users

  • Technically Sound – Wix automatically addresses some potential SEO issues that you need to fix manually on WordPress and some other CMS – 301 Redirects, Basic Schema Markup, Image Optimization for SEO, and more

  • No More Plugins – Wix system does not rely on plugins as much as WordPress and some other CMS systems. As a result, it is easy to edit your website.

  • Doesn’t Crash -  if you worked with WordPress, you know that in some cases your website will crash because of a plugin error, etc. This is not the case with Wix

  • Continuous Improvement – Wix team continuously improves their system

  • No Manual Updates – Wix system works automatically so you don’t have to worry about manual upgrades

Wonder what a Wix website can do for your business? Check if our service is available in your area, and talk to one of our experts today!

  • Does SEO work?
    Ours does. SEO is a complex topic and requires smart & consistent work. Depending on your particular scenario it may require coding work, server response optimization, changing website structure and content. Using data to develop a plan and prioritizing tasks based on the impact vs effort helps to see results sooner and makes it work.
  • What is average price for SEO Services?
    In a nutshell, an average SEO Services price in August 2020 ranges between $650-$3,000 CAD per month for an average SEO Retainer of 20 hours depending on the scope and the type of organization you hire. A one time SEO project would cost between $5,000 - $30,000 CAD, while SEO Consulting services price will range between $150-$300 for the time of an SEO Consultant. See more on price for SEO Services here.
  • How fast can I get results in SEO?
    If you didn't invest in SEO Services in the past, it will likely take around six months of consistent SEO work to see results. If you involve Professional SEO Agency, you will see first results within 1-2 months and revenue growth in 3-6 months. Beauty of SEO is that results continue to increase over time, for most of our clients SEO is the main source of revenue, sprinkled with some smart advertising and Conversion Rate Optimization, there is a good change of seeing 10x to 20x increase in revenue from SEO. Our Consutants can help you with a range of services from a Website Audit to a Strategy and Local SEO Services Toronto.
  • Do you only do SEO for companies in Toronto?
    We are located in Toronto, however, we have clients all around Ontario, Canada, US and Europe.
  • What is SEO?
    SEO is a set of actions to ensure your pages rank on top of Search Results pages when a user searches for certain keyword phrases.
  • How is SEO different from Paid Search advertising?
    There is a number of differences between SEO and Paid Results. SEO is a more long-term tactic compared to Paid Search (PPC). While SEO takes longer to start seeing results, unlike Paid Search advertising Results from SEO last longer - months or even years. In Paid Advertising you pay for every click. As soon as your budget is spent, your listing stops showing up. This is not the case with SEO - you pay for the cost of work from your teams to get you to the first page of search results. Clicks are free with Organic Search.

Toronto, GTA & Beyond

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And beyond!

Want to grow? We'd love to help. Let's have a fair conversation about your goals & how to get there.

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