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We got digital marketing down to science. Growth360 is a performance marketing agency, located in Toronto. We specialize in analytics & revenue-driving Digital Marketing services for B2B business. We offer a range of B2B marketing services & consulting to Startups, Software companies, Small and Medium-sized businesses and Enterprises.

Digital Marketing for B2B companies is very different from B2C. The value of the prospective customer is much higher for B2B, which results in much more aggressive competition.


While a more lengthy consumer journey and lower Sales Velocity changes how you attract a prospect and nurture them. As a result, B2B Digital Marketing plans and tactics far more complex.

B2B marketing requires a more holistic approach with more care put into personalization and content. Marketing your business becomes a series of activities to market, remarket and nurture your leads, all while telling your story through multiple channels at once.

B2B Digital Marketing plans involve looking at a far more complex and lengthy consumer decision journey. Understanding how long it takes to generate a Lead to how long it takes to make a sale is essential. Based on this data you will be able to evolve how you get in front of the prospects and how you tell your story.

Considerations before getting into B2B Marketing:

  • What is the value of a Qualified Lead to your business?

  • What is the Closing Ratio for your Leads?

  • How long does it take to convert a Lead into a Customer?

  • What is the Lifetime Value (LTV) of a new Client to your business?

With this information, you will be able to start crafting the consumer journey with rough numbers in it.

How to Create B2B Digital Marketing Plan?

B2B Digital Marketing Tactics

Marketing is always case-by-case. Some industries generate more Leads at trade shows, while others get them from RFPs and eligibility. 

  • Paid Media - ads that are mapped after consumer journey touch points and heavily rely on analytics and personalization to tell a story of product pain points, features and benefits. Paid Media for B2B can be done on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or programmatically via DSPs.

  • SEO - a lot of RFP lists and vendor searches stil happen on Google. Users who search Google have much higher intent compared to other tactics. That's why building good content that answers questions about your products can generate some of the best quality Leads for your business.

  • Marketing & Email Automation - once you have a contact, even if it's not a Lead yet, you need to get the most out of them by nurturing them and telling your story. When done correctly, integrating CRM and Marketing tools can turns your contacts into prospects.

  • CRO & Web Personalization - if your consumer decission journey is a lengthy one, you need to make sure you leverage the full potential on your website. Personalizing content on your website and showing the most relevant and engaging content based on User interests does wonders for many enterprises around the world.


Analytics for B2B Marketing

Consumer journey for B2B marketing is a lengthy one. It involves multiple moving pieces in your story, especially if it's told across multiple channels simultaniously. Analytics is essential for any B2B Digital Marketing operation.

There are two main categories of Digital Analytics for Marketing purposes in B2B space:

Web Analytics - Uses tools like Adobe Analytics (Omniture) and Google Analytics. These tools seemlessly integrate with CRM, Digital Marketing platforms (Google, Facebook etc.), Personalization tools and sometimes sales.

Some of the questions Web Analytics can answer:

  • How long does it take from the first website visit to purchase?

  • What touchpoints and in what order consumers use as they get closer to purchase?

  • How different channels overlap and what channels contribute more to consumers decission to buy?

  • CRO & Personalization - web analytics data informs your Conversion Optimization experiments and live content personalization.

Media Analytics for B2B Marketing

Media Analytics - Paid Media platforms deliver data to advertisers to optimize their ads, spend, adjust targeting etc.

While respective teams work with these platforms directly to hit your targets and achieve KPIs, Media Analytics works across all the platforms at once, giving you a holistic picture of the Sales pipeline, costs and results, allowing you to optimize spend across multiple channels.

The key to B2B marketing lies in a more holistic approach. With consumer journeys that last for months, Analytics is essential for B2B marketing to give you an understanding of the current progress and an ability to make informed decisions rather than guessing. Digital Marketing for B2B companies should be data first, otherwise, as it's a requirement to sustaining a lengthy funnel, delivering on KPIs and outperforming objectives.

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Frequently asked questions

How B2B Marketing Works?

Compared to B2C Marketing, B2B space has lower Sales Velocity, which results in more lengthy funnels. B2B Marketers develop cost-effective funnels telling their audience a story about the products and services they offer. For example, content marketing can rely on SEO & Socia Media ads for content discovery, however as soon as a prospect self-qualifies through a Visit, Email Marketing and Facebook Retargeting comes into play, offering the next piece of content that tends to be interesting to the prospects. Marketing and Remarketing continues until consumers feel that they know you well enough and want to learn about your products, at which point a prospect turns into a Lead.

How Data & Analytics can Enhance Value for B2B Marketing?

For low Sales Velocity environment and lengthy consumer journeys Analytics is your eyes and ears. It allows you to continuously optimize your funnel to improve your ROI.
While it requires lots of setup and maintenance work, it givesyou an ability to make the right decissions and automate much of the B2B marketing. It gives marketers an ablity to make informed decissions about the strategy, tactics and the funnel itself. Analytics is used to optimize your efforts as consumers move from Discovery through Consideration to Purchase. Collected data is used as an indicator that consumer has come form Discovery to Consideration, as well as to optimize your efforts between channels.

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