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Social Media Marketing Services Toronto

Get more Leads & Sales with data-driven Social Media Ads.


Welcome to growth

Growth360 is a performance marekting agency in Toronto. We specialize in revenue-driving Digital Marketing services, including Social Media Management and Advertising.

Built to be data-first. Our agency team of certified Social Media experts focuses on performance marketing on Facebook Ads, Instagram, LinkedIn and other Social Media platforms. Our Analysts & Strategists develop highly-measurable social media campaigns that consistently generate results that scale with your business.

Paired with custom content, our campaigns deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. Let's discuss your goals & how data can help drive results for your business on Social Media.

We work with businesses of all sizes from startups to small businesses and enterprises in B2B and B2C sectors.

Performance approach to social ads, finally

First, we analyze your website to understand what Social Media audiences are the most likely to convert, as well as CRM data and consumer profiles. We look at psychographics and actions that users take on your website before making a purchase. Based on this information, we deliver a set of recommendations on how to best approach your content and initial audience targeting.

We tell a story. Social is not Search. And the majority of the users are not ready to buy just yet. However, if you tell a story crafted for your audience specifically you can get them from Step 1 to Step 2 and purchase. That's where data + content come in. After initial launch, we collect campaign performance data, experiment and learn. Tweaking our methodology to further reduce Cost per Acquisition.

Content contributes 50% to the results on Social Media. Our On-demand content solutions allow you to move fast and adjust your content as you go, contributing to other optimization efforts.

Correctly executed Social Media Marketing campaigns get measurable results. We make it happen.

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Engagement Types

Flexibility is one of our core values. Types of engagements that we offer, is one of the ways we deliver on this value. We provide our clients with best Social Media advertising services, no matter what engagement option you choose!


Social Media Advertising performs well when it's set up correctly. A big chunk of the work is making sure Social Media platforms can "see" how consumers interact with your website. We get engaged in Social Media Projects all the time, from developing Social Media Strategy to implementing tags and performing Social Media Audits. 

If you need help with Social Media advertising, this type of engagement is right for you.


The beauty of Social Media Ads is that you can be precise and deliver the right message to the right audience, at the right time. Imagine building a funnel where you can consistently catch users' interest and help them move from step 1 to step 2 to purchase, at scale. However, it Social Media advertising is not "set and forget", you need to have a specialist constantly experimenting and optimizing your ads.

We start with basics, making sure Social Media websites can see how visitors interact with your website. While tagging is implemented, we study your audience psychographics and past results. Based on this information a recommendation is made to develop content that is laser-targeted for your audiences and different stages of their journey to buy. 

Once the ideal combination is found, we fragment your targeting further, making it more precise and driving even better results, based on Cost per Acquisition. 

Transparency is one of our core values. That's why our main retainer includes an enterprise-grade dashboard where you can see the results of our work in real-time. 

This type of engagement is right for you if you are looking to have a team of Social Media Experts on your side to drive revenue and fully take care of everything related to your Social Media Ads.

Social Media Consulting

We do Social Media Ads for enterprises, small businesses and startups. However, if you prefer doing advertising in-house and need strategic guidance, this service is for you. With this retainer, you get access to a bucket of hours with your Social Media Consultant. This won’t get you all the benefits of a standard retainer, but you can get a strategic direction, website analysis and tagging recommendations, plus run all of you Social Media Advertising ideas by our Consultant.

Also, you don’t have to use all of the hours at once.

Social Media Consulting retainer pricing starts at $1,250 for 10 hours. However, if it takes 6 months to use these, it will add up to $208 a month of professional Social Media Advertising advice.

Social Media Services

Social Media Strategy

The full-funnel approach. Based on psychographics and current performance analysis we identify weaknesses and suggest tactics to drive consideration and close the sales. It should work as a clock. Also includes KPIs designed to measure performance.


YouTube Marketing

Video content is increasingly more popular. YouTube is the second largest search engine. What if, we used YouTube content to rank you higher on both YouTube, Google increasing your website Organic Search performance along the way. Ask us how!


Facebook & Instagram Ads

In an overcrowded digital landscape, you need to advertise smarter and work with data. Having a team that knows the platform inside and out helps. We can help the most non-social B2B firms get results on Facebook & Instagram Ads, that's because we don't guess...


Linkedin Marketing

LinkedIn is a rising star of Social Media Marketing. It has user attention, data and is not as crowded as Facebook. This presents a perfect opportunity to generate revenues effectively...



Retention is the new growth. Up to 95% of all sales come from Returning users. What if instead of increasing the number of new Visitors, we increased your Closing Ratio? 


Social Media Ads Audit

Social Media Ads should achieve your goals, ideally they should generate revenue. If you don't feel comfortable increasing your Social Media budget, perhaps it's time to review your ads...


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