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PPC Services Agency Based in Toronto

Sell More. Repeat & Scale with Paid Search Services.

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Welcome to growth

We got PPC Management down to science.

Built on the opportunity to create a transparent, flexible, and performance-oriented Digital Marketing agency, a partner you can trust. We plan and manage profitable PPC Campaigns on Paid Search, Display and Shopping Ads. Our clients include Startups, eCommerce businesses and enterprises in Canada & the US. We help our clients get double-digit growth for companies online. 

That’s right, double-digit growth is what we expect to see from your PPC Marketing campaigns. And you should too.

We want you to grow faster, that's why our standard PPC services retainer includes the work of multiple specialists from a PPC Expert to an Analyst and Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist. Let's focus on growth, not the services you buy.

It's simple, Clients want results. Specialists want to do good work. growth360 is where we have technology  & process to make this happen.

What you get with PPC Services?

Cost and Conversions graph from Google Analytics showing data for 6 months performance
  • Traffic and Sales 24/7

  • Fast (not instant) results

  • Laser-targeting the most relevant audiences

  • Repeatable & scalable growth - we measure every bit of your campaigns, this way we know exactly what is and isn't working. That's why we can replicate & scale results every month.


This PPC Management Service is Perfect for:

  • Small Businesses and Startups that don't have in-house PPC or Paid Search services experts.

  • Businesses that have in-house PPC experts, but need a second pair of eyes or a more strategic approach to make sure they are capturing all opportunities.

  • Enterprises that need to generate efficiencies with data-driven PPC Services.

  • Companies looking to introduce advanced analytics and improve the quality of their Leads and get better results with the same investment

How we can help your business

  • We'll check your tracking to make sure your business decisions are based on the right data.

  • We'll analyze your past PPC campaigns & website and design a strategy around the learnings.

  • Our PPC expert team will structure an initial set of high intent campaigns across Paid Search, Display, and Shopping.

  • We'll integrate with every bit of data for precise optimizations and strategy refinement. Offline sales, Store Visits, Phone Calls, and Revenue numbers, everything is on the table.

  • We are constantly looking for improvements and engaging in Experimentation and A/B testing to find the best option.

  • We really want you to make money. Then repeat and scale the campaigns. With predictable growth, why would you say no?

Data Studio Dashboard Report.jpg

Why growth?

We wanted to create an agency that would be your partner in online Revenue generation. The kind of agency, we would hire ourselves - data-driven, transparent and flexible.

  • Transparent - we provide all our clients with a live, enterprise-grade dashboard so you can hold us accountable.

  • Flexible - our services include as much or as little as you need. From a simple PPC Audit to a full-scale cross-channel campaign that includes Conversion Rate Optimization.

  • Performance-Oriented - launched by Analysts. Data is not a buzzword at growth360. We always look to data to find the next best step to generate repeatable & scalable growth that drives more Revenue for your business.​

Ready to grow? We'd love to help. Let's have a fair conversation about your goals & how to get there.

Paid Search Agency Services

Digital Marketing Strategy

The full-funnel approach. Our strategies are designed to maximize performance at every stage of consumer journey to purchase. Discovery - Consideration - Sale and Retention. Let's discuss at what stage of the funnel you need support or design a strategy...


Google Ads Management

Search is our bread and butter. Our PPC Management services come in all shapes and sizes, from retainer-based engagements to packages you can get on-demand via our e-commerce store. We don't guess, we measure and laser-target...


Display Advertising

Display Advertising can get results! We handpick the most relevant audiences and fine-tune your Display campaigns to deliver the results you need. Prospecting or retargeting, our data-driven approach applies to both, most importantly, we get results...


Bing & Microsoft Ads

Most businesses discount Bing Ads, we think this is a mistake. While most search do go through Google, there are customers search for businesses like yours on Bing as well. Let us manage your campaigns and show you just how profitable Bing can be.



Up to 95% of all online Leads & Sales come from Ruturning Visitors. Remarketing is a part of a full-funnel approach that targets Visitors who already performed high-value action on your website and are more likely to convert into a Lead or a Sale...


PPC Audit Services

There are multiple factors that feed into the success of your PPC Marketing. From Keywords that waste budget to inaccurate targeting or incorrect conversion tracking. Our team PPC experts will perform a full account review to find budget waste...


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