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Case Studies

Viien - Skincare & Beauty

Growth Results

4x ROI

Return on Investment in the first 6 months


Average Conversion Rate from Website


Leads per month from Online Marketing


Number of Visits from Online Marketing


Revenue since switching to growth

Predictable growth, every month

“Our business has boomed since growth360 took over our online marketing. We were finally able to grow our business in a predictable way, every month. Every increase in marketing budget generates an incremental growth in Leads and Sales. That’s the way to grow the business - in a repeatable, scalable way”.


Nadiia Parkhomenko,

Viien, Founder & CEO

Solution: Turnkey Internet Marketing System

Before choosing to hire Growth360, Nadia, the founder of Viien, did not expect that so many of her marketing partners will bring fewer results than expected when the time came to deliver.


Objective: Nadia came to growth360 looking to market her business online. She wanted her Lead Generation to pay for itself and deliver incremental growth, every month.

We designed an Internet Marketing system that allows Nadia to pay the bills and scale her business, as well as her marketing budget.



  • New Website Design

  • Website Management

  • Multi-Location SEO

  • Facebook Ads

Close the Leads


  • Call management

  • Email Automation

Get Leads


  • Conversion Optimization

  • Website Chat

  • Reviews & Reputation



  • Call recordings

  • Live Dashboard

  • Transparent Project Management


About Viien & the Story

About: Viien is a skincare & beauty salon. The business started a couple of years ago when Nadia opened her business and rented a space where she could provide her services. Few years later, Nadiia already had two people working in the space.

A large portion of Nadia’s business came from the location of her salon - where many people could see it. However, over time, this was not enough to keep the business growing. 


The Game-Changing Decission

Nadia had a bad experience working with Digital Marketing agencies before. Promises that never came true, partnerships that created more problems than they solved.

However, the dream was there - Nadia knew that Internet Marketing works for others, so why can't it work for her?

"Attention is online. People go on Google and Facebook every day, and we wanted to be in front of the right people at the right time". 

Dreams Come True

Since working with growth360, Nadia’s company has seen the growth she needed.

The first calls came in a few weeks after the website was launched. Six weeks in, Nadia almost broke even on her investment.

As her SEO rankings grew, she was able to fully cover her initial website & SEO investment. In addition, she made enough Revenue to expand her team further. She now had more time to focus on growing the business.

Over time, the Revenue from SEO was enough to expand into Facebook Ads, which helped generate even more work for Nadia’s team.


In the first year, her salon has grown 3x thanks to online marketing efforts. Over 100 new customers every month are attributed to online marketing today.


After being burned by previous marketing vendors, Nadia was hesitant to trust growth360. But we are glad she did. Nadia’s company is a testament to what a true partnership can achieve. Most importantly, we worked this into a process where an incremental increase in budget delivers an increase in Leads & Sales. “That’s the way to grow your business - via a repeatable, scalable growth.”


Want to grow? We'd love to help. Let's have a fair conversation about your goals & how to get there.

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