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We got SEO down to science. Growth360 is a Performance Marketing & SEO Company located in Toronto. We deliver the best SEO Services Toronto (including Local SEO) to startups, SMBs, medium-size businesses and enterprises.

We believe SEO is about getting measurable results. To get the results faster, we rely on data to target the right audiences effectively and find opportunities that your competitors missed. Our Expert SEO Consultants work with you to develop & execute a strategy, analyze the results and develop a process to ensure repeatable and scalable revenue growth.

Transparency: One of our core values is transparency. To be transparent we provide all our clients with an enterprise-grade dashboard to give you an easy way to keep us accountable and measure our impact on your bottom line.

Flexibility: We are proud to be one of the most flexible SEO marketing agencies in Toronto that offer affordable, expert-level SEO Packages. Our main retainer provides the flexibility of having the right specialist on your account at the right time from an SEO Strategist to a CRO Specialist and Digital Marketing Director. Afterall, it's not about services, it's about results!

Bulletproof Approach

We know Google inside and out. Our approach is grounded in data. We analyze your website and market to find the best way to generate revenue growth for your business through SEO. We prioritize uncovered opportunities based on impact vs effort, so that you can see results sooner. Our approach is based on three main pillars:

  • Off-Page SEO - is aimed at building website authority. This metric determines how important you are in Google's eyes. You don't have to cheat to rank higher. Outreach campaigns and PR efforts are perfect to solve this. We help you generate honest results by working with PR partners, your marketing team or with you directly. This makes your results honest & bulletproof.

  • Technical SEO - is a broad category, focused on how easily web site crawlers and visitors can explore your website. This type of work includes code quality assessment, server configurations and tech stack review. All to make sure both robots and website visitors have an excellent experience on your site. 

  • On-Page SEO - is where we decide what search queries we are targeting. Based on intent and difficulty, rather than just volume. This allows us to laser-target keywords that are more likely to generate revenue growth, rather than website visits.

  • Professionals - SEO is complex, it involves consistent work on User Experience, code, website content and more. Our secret sauce is having the right consultant available to you when you need it. From Director of Strategy to Website Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist or a Local SEO expert. growth360 is the place to get it.

Engagement types

Flexibility is one of our core values. Types of engagements that we offer, is one of the ways we deliver on this value.

SEO Projects 

SEO is complex and should be considered when making decisions about your website approach and digital marketing. This type of engagements includes a variety of tasks from Audits and Strategy development to helping you migrate your website without losing Organic Search traffic.

If you have a problem that you are trying to solve, this type of engagement is right for you.


The beauty of Organic Search is that it’s impact increases over time, driving the largest portion of your online revenue. By far. To take advantage of the opportunities in Organic Search you need to have a strong foundation. That’s where we start. If you haven't built a strong foundation yet, this is likely to generate a huge increase in a short amount of time.


Once the basics are covered, there is no limit to what you can achieve in Organic Search. We map out a strategy and hand-pick the audiences starting with users who are close to purchasing and expanding it further to get more people to engage with your company as they get closer to purchase.

We then analyze Visitor' behaviour on your website find opportunities to further increase your Closing Ratio.

With a retainer partnership, you’ll get access to the right specialist at the right time. From a Digital Marketing Director to a Web Analyst (CRO), a Local SEO Expert or a Tagging and Automation specialist. Our standard retainers also include an enterprise-grade dashboard for you to see results live.

SEO Consulting Services

We work with enterprises, small businesses and startups. However, if you prefer handling your SEO in-house and need strategic guidance, this engagement type is for you. With this retainer, you get access to a bucket of hours with your SEO Expert. This won’t get you all the benefits of a standard retainer, but you can get a strategic direction, keywords research and tagging recommendations, plus run all of your ideas by our SEO expert. 

Also, you don’t have to use all of the hours at once.

The Consulting retainer pricing starts at $1,250 for 10 hours. However, if it takes 6 months to use these, it will add up to $208 a month of professional SEO advice.

Frequently asked questions

Does SEO work?

Ours does. SEO is a complex topic and requires smart & consistent work. Depending on your particular scenario it may require coding work, server response optimization, changing website structure and content. Using data to develop a plan and prioritizing tasks based on the impact vs effort helps to see results sooner and makes it work.

What is average price for SEO Services?

In a nutshell, an average SEO Services price in August 2020 ranges between $650-$3,000 CAD per month for an average SEO Retainer of 20 hours depending on the scope and the type of organization you hire. A one time SEO project would cost between $5,000 - $30,000 CAD, while SEO Consulting services price will range between $150-$300 for the time of an SEO Consultant. See more on price for SEO Services here.

How fast can I get results in SEO?

If you didn't invest in SEO Services in the past, it will likely take around six months of consistent SEO work to see results. If you involve Professional SEO Agency, you will see first results within 1-2 months and revenue growth in 3-6 months. Beauty of SEO is that results continue to increase over time, for most of our clients SEO is the main source of revenue, sprinkled with some smart advertising and Conversion Rate Optimization, there is a good change of seeing 10x to 20x increase in revenue from SEO. Our Consutants can help you with a range of services from a Website Audit to a Strategy and Local SEO Services Toronto.


SEO Audit Services

Impact vs effort. One of the first steps we perform when developing your Strategy. We perform an in-depth Audit to determine & prioritize tasks required to get results...


On-Page SEO Services

An area that you have a lot of control over. Our SEO Experts analyze your content, website structure and other factors to will help you rank for more search queries and as a result, get more exposure sooner...


Keywords Research

When it comes to Keywords Research is one of the most important pillars. We handpick keywords with the best opportunities for your business, includes long-tail keywords.



Off-Page SEO Services

We review link building opportunities to help increase your website "authority" in Google's eyes and get you more exposure.


Technical SEO Services

The back-end of websites is complex. We pride ourselves on being technical marketers. Exactly the kind you need to get the technical details of your SEO sorted out...


Site Speed Audit

Site speed is one of the ranking factors on Google. User experience depends on it. As a result, it directly affects your rankings. We help you identify...



Local SEO Services

The way people search the web is evolving. Consumers are increasingly more likely to use Local Search and Mobile devices to find businesses and make purchases. Let Toronto SEO Experts...


Google  Penalty Removal

Google changes it's algorithm 500+ times a year. These changes are accompanied by penalties. Our SEO Consultants help you identify which penalty your website is affected by and help you...


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