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Welcome to growth

We got search down to science.

Growth360 is an SEO company located in Toronto. Built on the opportunity to create a transparent, flexible and performance-oriented SEO agency, a partner you can trust.

We offer SEO Services and Consulting for a range of clients from startups, and small businesses, to corporate SEO for enterprises in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and the US.

We believe SEO is about getting measurable results. To get the results faster, we rely on data to find opportunities that your competitors missed. This makes your efforts more effective.

For most of our clients, Search Optimization is the highest
 ROI channel. And over time, it can be the main Revenue driver for you as well.

If you are not seeing double-digit growth from SEO services, maybe you should give us a call.

Benefits of SEO Services

  • Traffic, Leads and Sales 24/7.

  • Visibility on Google and other search engines when consumers search for related products.

  • Get found on Google Maps and Search Results.

  • Unlike advertising, the results of SEO Campaigns can last for years.

  • Lower advertising costs - SEO improves the quality of your pages. This lowers Cost per Click from ads.

  • Credibility - by ranking on the first page of Google your brand gains credibility in consumer's eyes.

  • Increased Sales from all channels - UX & Conversion Rate Optimization will help you sell more, no matter how a prospect found you.

Screenshot from Google Search Console showing 2x increase in the amount of Visits and Sales from SEO.

How SEO Works?
Toronto SEO Expert Approach

Experts at growth360 - Toronto SEO company.

We know Google inside and out. Our approach is grounded in data. We analyze your website and market to find opportunities your competitors missed and generate Revenue growth for your business through SEO services. 

We prioritize uncovered opportunities based on impact vs effort so that you can see results sooner. Our approach is based on three main pillars:

  • Technical SEO - a broad category, focused on how easily website crawlers and visitors can explore your website. This type of work includes code quality assessment, server configurations and tech stack review. All to make sure both robots and website visitors have an excellent experience on your site. On this step your Toronto SEO Consultant will set the stage for the campaign. Tasks are assigned across Development, SEO and Content teams.

  • On-Page SEO - where the rubber hits the road. Our data-driven approach lets us collect data from multiple sources, at scale. Having hundreds of data points in our hands, we can easily prioritize pages and tasks so you can see revenue growth sooner. Our Toronto SEO Experts help prioritize keywords and pages based on impact vs effort. This way we can prioritize pages based on data.

  • Off-Page SEO - is aimed at building website authority. This metric determines how important you are in Google's eyes. You don't have to cheat to rank higher. We help you make educated decisions about promoting pages through outreach campaigns, PR efforts and leveraging business partnerships. This makes your results honest & bulletproof.​​

Why Toronto's Best SEO Includes Conversion Optimization?

"How can I get more Leads?" - we are called to solve this problem all the time. That's why some of our engagement options allow us to shift the gears between SEO and CRO services.

To get the Leads, being found on Google is not enough. You also need the Visitor to click on your listing and convert it into a Lead. This requires a vision on behalf of your SEO company. 

Data + unparalleled knowledge of Digital Marketing allows us to analyze how consumers move through your website, find drop-off points, opportunities to sell more, and User Experience issues that are preventing you from getting Leads.

This takes your SEO to the next level. Except for getting relevant traffic, we help you get more leads from your website, no matter if a user came to your website from SEO, advertising or any other channel. 

Over time you will see your traffic grow and Revenue skyrocket. With results like these and limitless opportunities that SEO has to offer, there is no way you would want to stop.

Team of SEO experts at growth360 talking to each other.

How is our SEO Agency Different?

​Experts, reputable, reliable, trustworthy SEO company. These are just some of the things our clients say about SEO Services. Want to know why our SEO Company is among the best?

  • Transparency - we provide our clients with access to our project management software and an enterprise-grade dashboard so you can hold us accountable.

  • Flexibility - we can be involved as much or as little as you like. Our standard SEO retainer allows you to shift hours between SEO, Local SEO, Conversion Optimization or Strategy work. Let's focus on results!

  • Performance - data is not a buzzword at growth360. We develop metrics that reflect your business objectives. This ensures that your results are repeatable, scalable and impact your bottom line.

  • Data Plus the right service at the right time, allow us to become a strategic partner for your business.

  • Being a partner also means that our SEO Experts flex into your internal process, working as an extension of you team.

  • Our team is experienced at generating growth for startups as well as Fortune 500 brands.​

How We'll Work


Discovery Call

Tell us about your goals and how soon you would like to achieve them.


Scope & Approach

Here we find optimal ways to achieve your goals and the best way to work together.



We sign a contract that outlines the terms to work on.


Revenue Growth

We do the work. You see results.

Engagement Options

Flexibility is one of our core values. Types of engagements that we offer are one of the ways we deliver on this value.

SEO Projects 

SEO is complex and should be considered when making decisions about your website approach and digital marketing. This type of engagement includes a variety of tasks from Audits, strategy, global SEO advice to helping you migrate your website without losing Organic Search traffic.

If you have a problem with a defined scope that you are trying to solve, this type of engagement is right for you.

SEO Retainers

SEO retainers are ideal for businesses looking to see consistent revenue growth from SEO services.

The beauty of Organic Search is that its impact increases over time, driving the largest portion of your online revenue. By far. To take advantage of the opportunities in Organic Search you need to have a strong foundation. That’s where we start. If you haven't built a strong foundation yet, this is likely to generate a huge increase in a short amount of time.


Once the basics are covered, there is no limit to what you can achieve in Organic Search. We map out a strategy and hand-pick the audiences starting with users who are close to purchasing and expanding it further to get more people to engage with your company as they get closer to purchase.

We then analyze Visitor's behaviour on your website finds opportunities to further increase your Closing Ratio.

With a retainer partnership, you’ll get access to the right specialist at the right time. From a Digital Marketing Director to a Web Analyst (CRO), a Local SEO Expert or a Tagging and Automation specialist. Our standard retainers also includes an enterprise-grade dashboard for you to see results live.

SEO Consulting Services

We work with enterprises, small businesses and startups. However, if you prefer handling your SEO in-house and need strategic guidance, this engagement type is for you. With this retainer, you get access to a bucket of hours with your Toronto SEO Specialist. This won’t get you all the benefits of a standard retainer, but you can get a strategic direction, keywords research and tagging recommendations, plus run all of your ideas by our SEO expert. 

Also, you don’t have to use all of the hours at once.

The Consulting retainer pricing starts at $1,250 for 10 hours. However, if it takes 6 months to use these, it will add up to $208 a month for professional SEO advice.

Frequently asked questions

Does SEO work?

Ours does. SEO is a complex topic and requires smart & consistent work. Depending on your particular scenario it may require coding work, server response optimization, changing website structure and content. Using data to develop a plan and prioritizing tasks based on the impact vs effort helps to see results sooner and makes it work.

What is average price for SEO Services?

In a nutshell, an average SEO Services price in August 2020 ranges between $650-$3,000 CAD per month for an average SEO Retainer of 20 hours depending on the scope and the type of organization you hire. A one time SEO project would cost between $5,000 - $30,000 CAD, while SEO Consulting services price will range between $150-$300 for the time of an SEO Consultant. See more on price for SEO Services here.

How fast can I get results in SEO?

If you didn't invest in SEO Services in the past, it will likely take around six months of consistent SEO work to see results. If you involve Professional SEO Agency, you will see first results within 1-2 months and revenue growth in 3-6 months. Beauty of SEO is that results continue to increase over time, for most of our clients SEO is the main source of revenue, sprinkled with some smart advertising and Conversion Rate Optimization, there is a good change of seeing 10x to 20x increase in revenue from SEO. Our Consutants can help you with a range of services from a Website Audit to a Strategy and Local SEO Services Toronto.

Do you only do SEO for companies in Toronto?

We are located in Toronto, however, we have clients all around Ontario, Canada, US and Europe.

What is SEO?

SEO is a set of actions to ensure your pages rank on top of Search Results pages when a user searches for certain keyword phrases.

How is SEO different from Paid Search advertising?

There is a number of differences between SEO and Paid Results.

  • SEO is a more long-term tactic compared to Paid Search (PPC).
  • While SEO takes longer to start seeing results, unlike Paid Search advertising Results from SEO last longer - months or even years.
  • In Paid Advertising you pay for every click. As soon as your budget is spent, your listing stops showing up. This is not the case with SEO - you pay for the cost of work from your teams to get you to the first page of search results. Clicks are free with Organic Search.

Ready to grow? We'd love to help. Let's have a fair conversation about your goals & how to get there.